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Embodying the Tarot: The Beginning


Embodying the Tarot: The Beginning


Embodying the Tarot: The Beginning


In this fun and informative introduction to Tarot you will be lead down the path of self exploration.

Who am I? What is my purpose?

Where do I feel called to share my unique gifts?

Why are there certain recurring themes in my life?

How can I find potential and opportunity in every moment in my life?

The tarot is a beautiful system for personal growth and evolution that helps us answer these soulful questions.

Embodying the Tarot: In this series, you will not only learn about the tarot, you will experience how to embody the full potential of your life path. Join us!The Beginning is a unique way to learn about the tarot.

Dates: Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

April 10 - Introduction to tarot and embodying the archetypes of your life path

April 17 - Exploration of your life path and teacher archetypes (cards)

April 24 - Embodying the full potential of your life path archetypes

Cost: $90 for the series

All three sessions required; no drop-in's. No tarot experience required. All materials will be provided, including tarot decks for use during each session. Bring your curiosity, paper and a pen. Light refreshments will be served and you can enjoy a store wide discount (certain items excluded) during the workshop.

There are tarot cards that are unique to you and reflect the gifts you bring to every aspect of your life. We find those cards by using your life path numbers. When you register for the series, you will be asked send us your month, day and year of birth. The numbers calculated relate directly to tarot cards.


About Jennifer Lucero-Earle:

Jennifer has over thirty years experience with tarot and nearly two decades guiding people to become embodied. Whether through tarot or on the dance floor of life, Jennifer’s purpose is to hold the space for you to move, heal, grow and become who you’ve always wanted to be. She uses tarot as a tool for personal, professional and spiritual evolution. Her embodied gift is customizing a holistic experience that allows you to understand tarot from multiple dimensions, including your thinking mind, your feeling heart, your sensory body and into your unique spirit. Jennifer’s goal is for you to learn to use tarot as a personal resource for reflection, clarity, direction and to give your deepest desires wings to fly. It’s her sacred work and a privilege to serve as your guide.

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