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About Us


Who We Are


We are a team of visionary entrepreneurs, designers and artists that have come together to launch a simple and innovative apparel company that holds “socially conscious capitalism” as a core cultural value.

We’ve thought long and hard about what we really want to do when we grow up and what we want to do is build a sustainable company that allows us to support our families and make an immediate and positive contribution to the world around us while we’re at it.

And we also want to have fun, because in the immortal words of our Laguna Beach Brand Ambassador and Artist-in-Residence, Sli Dawg, “it’s not fun unless it’s fun”

A Few Words From Our Founders

“There are unique places in the world that seem to captivate people and resonate in a way that other places don’t” said Summer Meek, co-founder of The SOUL Project. “These are our Soul Places, and one of the most ironic things is that even the most beautiful places in the world face significant challenges every single day. Our idea in launching The SOUL Project is to protect the future of each of these places by supporting groups that work on the future–kids and the environment– in a grass roots way.”

“With organizations like Patagonia and Tom’s Shoes as inspirations, The SOUL Project looks to follow the path of non-traditional commerce where the activities and success of the company are driven by the desire to make a positive contribution in the world” said Don Meek, co-founder of The SOUL Project. “We think of The SOUL Project as an organizing framework that connects the dots in the most direct way possible.

Our Products

In addition to local graphic “printables” such as Laguna Soul, Sun Valley Soul or Newport Soul in each location, we’ve developed the concept of a “Local Artist Series” to even more closely align with each special place. We have settled on launching each Soul Place with three local artists and offering a limited edition product series that will include one-of-a-kind apparel items, high-quality prints and other unique pieces that feature each artist’s work.

Finally, with overwhelmingly positive response to the concept and to The SOUL Project’s overall look and feel, we are developing The SOUL Project line as a way to accelerate beyond our individual Soul Place markets. The SOUL Project line will also consist of “printables”, but will feature The SOUL Project logo package and our “Where Do You Love” feature as the main design elements. Sales of TSP products will also be tracked by market and the same revenue sharing formula will be employed to ensure that The SOUL Project has even more financial firepower to make grants in local markets.


This unique combination of international leverage, with The SOUL Project as the parent brand, and local focus utilizing specific places as our local brands, makes The SOUL Project a platform for sustainable growth and positive social impact.