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Beauty & fragrance clean beauty finds phthalate free made in california

The Soul project offers and selection of clean and vegan beauty products including Soul Sisters Magic Love Oil No.1 made in California a women owned company. Coola, Skin Trip, Mermaid No.1 are just some of the brands you will find. Phthalate free, paraben free, sulfate free.

Soul Sisters Magic Love Oil No.1


Soul Sisters Magic Love Oil No.1


Soul Sisters Magic Love Oil No.1 is a Luscious blend of Gardenia, Tuberose and Orange Blossom, you will feel like an exotic garden that attracts men like bees to honey.

In burst of creative genius, actress Hilary Shepard created a beguiling secret scent that she gifted to some of her best friends, including actresses Daryl Hannah, Rosannah Arquette and Courtney Cox.

When Hilary was diagnosed with breast cancer and going through her treatments, she decided to start gifting it to other cancer patients to make them feel sexy and vibrant.

But it was her sister Kathy Simon, facing her own fight against lung cancer, who was her biggest fan.

As Hilary’s scent was reaching cult status, she lost both her beloved sister and her father, also to cancer, within a 6-month period of time.

Recognizing how her secret fragrance had such an impact on the people around her, Hilary took the step of teaming up with the crew at The Soul Project in Laguna Beach, CA, and Soul Sisters was born.

And to honor her sister’s legacy, a percentage of each bottle sold will go to the Elisabeth R. Woods Foundation in memory of her Soul Sister Kathy Simon. To find out more about the Elisabeth R. Woods Foundation

  • 1/2 fl. oz

  • Glass roll-on

  • Made in CA


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