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Meet the Artist: Elliot Whalen

A graduate of the acclaimed art program at Laguna Beach High School with a Bachelor of Arts from UCSB, world traveler Elliot Whalen is the youngest of our founding artists in Laguna Beach.

Elliot’s work is mature beyond his years and reflects a keen aesthetic and a sense of wonder.

A multi-threat player, his work spans genres and mediums, including oil paitning, lino-block printing and photography.

As “Creative Admiral” for The Ark Collective, Elliot has married his passion for art with his passion for making a difference in the world.

Meet the Artist: SLi Dawg

Steven Richard Chew or SLi Dawg as his friends and the surf/art community know him, grew up in Laguna Beach.  Born to a family of lifeguards, surfers, doctors, divers, artist, and travelers it was almost inevitable he would stray from any other path. As an NSSA National Team member from 87-89, a graduate from Laguna Beach High School, and a Gotcha Team rider, he chose going off to college to study art, philosophy, and surfing at San Diego State University and the epic reefs in the area. In the Fall of 93’ fires swept through Laguna Beach taking 433 homes with it, one of being Steven’s and his family’s. Not having a home or many worldly possessions inspired SLi to start taking his adventures and art more seriously. He set out around the world traveling to places like Indonesia, Europe, Africa, and Central and South America.  In the early 2000’s SLi and a few of his other friends decided it was time for their piece of the “Surf Industry pie”. They launched “TRKY” clothing company as a response to the boring seriousness of the industry and for just the fun of it. Other projects SLi has spearheaded are the “Art Farm Collective” philanthropy group, “The Laguna Beach Surf School”, “The Kavorkian 5000 Surf Championships”,” The Spring Fever Surfabout”, and a handful of fundraisers and events for The Surfrider Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation, SurfAid International, and now working close with the Mauli Ola Foundation helping kids and folks with cystic fibrosis. The latest thing for SLi is the Soul Project which is a really exciting new adventure.  SLi always has a handful of projects cooking and he is always looking for the next adventure and inspiration. He lives by his mantra “Just keep living, laughing and loving”.

Meet the Artist: Riley Westgaard

After finishing a degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism with a minor in Italian at San Francisco State University, Riley decided she wanted a job where she could constantly create new things as well as challenge myself and my imagination. Since then, she has begun to establish herself as a freelance designer and have worked with some great companies such as The Soul Project, Wildlife Works, and Victoria Skimboards.

"I do not like to stick to one style or one canvas and am constantly evolving as an artist. Late at night you will most likely find me playing around on Photoshop with old art pieces or new photos or hunched over a sketchbook creating intricate patterns".

Her latest project is an ocean-influenced series where she transforms surf accessories, such as fins and boards, into functioning art pieces.

The Charity: Boy & Girls Club

Their Mission:

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

A Boys & Girls Club Provides:

A safe place to learn and grow...

Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals...

Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences...

Hope and opportunity.