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Human Design Workshop


Human Design Workshop

HD Workshop (Square).png
HD Workshop (Square).png

Human Design Workshop


Thursday June 27th 6-8pm

Tea+Refreshments will be served

Human Design helps people rediscover their individual uniqueness, empowering them to live life with less resistance and more flow. We're releasing the old idea that "success needs to be hard" and embracing the concept of "big success with grace and ease". 

Whether it's relationships, finances, career, health, or spirituality, learning the basics of your specific Human Design chart can help guide you to the things you desire in ways that already feel intuitive. 

Human Design blends ancient schools of wisdom such as the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system, with quantum physics. At the most practical level, Human Design can guide your decision-making process, which ultimately shapes your life. On a deeper and spiritual level, Human Design can reveal what it is your soul came here to do on Earth. 

Receive your own individualized Human Design chart and have some fun exploring the basics as you come to better understand yourself, piece by piece.

Exact Birth time (please specify am/pm, birth city and state/country) will be required to prepare your chart.

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