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New Girls Network-Thursday September 19th


Curated workshops led by some of our favorite local experts. Monthly workshops include full moon +new moon ceremonies, women empowering women events, yoga, crystals, essential oils, art classes and more! Join us at Soul Project in Laguna Beach!

New Girls Network-Thursday September 19th

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Copy of NEW GIRLS (2).png

New Girls Network-Thursday September 19th


Thursday, September 19th

5:30-7:00 PM

@ The Soul Project in Laguna Beach

+ every 3rd Thursday, same time + place.

RSVP back to this email if you are coming. ++++

Bring a woman you know needs this.

F A Qs.

What is the New Girls Network?

It’s a soulful badass networking group.

`Nough said? no?

It's the wholehearted, loving, supportive girl power group you’ve always wanted.

What’s going to go down at these little shindigs?

Everyone will say what they do + what they need in order to go bigger.

We’ll connect, look for ways to partner, support, and rock each other’s businesses.

And we will drink wine. If that’s your jam.

What’s different about this?

You get to be the you you were born as, not the one you think you are supposed to be.

And everyone in the room will love and support you - no matter what.

How much is it?

FREE (for realz)

This is a community run on love. 

You can contribute your time - stay afterwards and help clean up, bring a bottle of wine, booch, or contribute your support in other ways. NO PLASTIC PLEASE

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